Why Remote Computer Repair is a Better Option than Local Service

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Why is remote computer repair is a better option than local service? People prefer to do everything online these days. We go online to shop, work from home, and even date. How about computer repair, though? Although the demand for remote computer repair is growing, many people are unclear of how it operates and whether it is actually preferable to having a computer repair tech come to you or haul your computer to a local computer repair professional. Here is why remote computer repair is the best choice:

Benefits of Remote Computer Repair

1 Convenient Computer Repair

The best benefit of remote computer support is the convenience! Remote computer support is the most convenient computer repair option available. Certainly onsite service is better than hauling your computer to a local shop but remote computer support is even better than onsite support. You don’t have to leave your home and which makes it accessible from any place, any time. The only requirement is an internet connection!

2 Inexpensive Computer Repair

Remote support is actually be less expensive than local service because remote support allows repair techs to skip the time-consuming trip to your home or office. That eliminates any travel fee and the higher cost of in-home computer repair rates. Generally speaking, you can expect a lower cost from a remote computer repair than you would a hands-on repair, sometimes half as much.

3 Faster Computer Repair

Remote assistance is not only convenient and less expensive, it’s usually faster than waiting for a computer repair tech to arrive at your home or office, or worse, waiting for a local shop or big box retail store to find time to get to your PC. Some people have to wait days or even weeks. Remote support cuts out the travel time and handling time with the computer, allowing you to access the help you need much sooner.

4 Secure Computer Repair

Contrary to what many people believe, remote computer repair is actually safer than dropping off your computer at a store because you still have control over the PC. You can watch the service while it happens and you always have complete control because you can disconnect from the repair session at any time if you want, without any approval from the remote support technician.

Some customers are concerned about connecting over the internet, but rest-assured, the connection from the remote support technician’s computer to your computer is secure from any other computer. This type of connection is fully encrypted, so it is quite safe.

5 Microsoft Windows and macOS Computer Repair

Support technicians provide remote services for both Mac and Microsoft Windows-based computers. Remote support is available for all brands of computers and laptops. This means there is no reason to go hunting for Mac specialists.

Is Remote Computer repair always the right choice?

Since remote computer repairs are convenient, inexpensive and fast, this method should always be the first choice. However, in some situations, a hands-on repair will be needed:

  •  If you have no internet service. Since remote computer support relies on internet connectivity, it won’t do you much good if you have a slow or nonexistent connection. In this case, either move to a faster wireless network or go see your local techs.
  • If the computer has no power or won’t start. Obviously if it won’t start, you won’t be able to get the computer online.
  • If the computer has a severe issue while running. If your computer is acting erratically and shutting itself off or showing other symptoms of a significant hardware or software malfunction like a non-stop spinning cursor or other errors, you’ll need to call a local computer repair tech. Some of these problems may be resolvable through remote support so you should call and ask first.

While remote computer repair is usually the best option, there are some problems that require a hands-on repair or even replacement of the computer.

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