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We come to your office or home

pic of car on roadHere we are, on our way to you!

People often ask us “Where is your store?”. We don’t lease a store or shop space because it’s not who we are.

We are a mobile, service-based business. 

Please allow me to explain the differences:

Some time ago big box retailers and office product stores decided to incorporate computer repair services into their store. Tech service is not who these retailers are.  It’s there to bring you back in the store when the consumer-grade, replaceable computers they sell break.
Some will drive to you but it may take three or four days. The retailer’s goal is sell more merchandise and warranties.

Our goal is to provide Same-Day, On-site service. Our method of delivering sales and service is more similar to an electrician or a plumber. For our clients who need parts or goods, we offer quality selected equipment that we would buy for ourselves. Our professional services are responsive, accurate, affordable and convenient.

Our office? It’s in the cloud.