New and Updated Computer Skills Training

New Skills are required in the modern office

Computer skills and technology proficiency are key to an efficient workplace.  It’s necessary for your employees have a training program that helps them develop efficient habits with core computer skills and to learn evolving skills needed for new software.

Your staff relies on their computers for a several tasks: Email, document creation, web-based programs, online learning, accounting software and line of business software.

Security is now a required and very important part of computer skillsets for anyone using a computer. For example, your employees must know how to recognize a hacker’s phishing email in order to prevent a catastrophic loss to your business.

Also, many staff members require specialized skills in a variety of software. Employees must be able to understand and use Office 365 or the Adobe Suite.

Today there is software that makes nearly any task simpler and quicker. Teaching your employees computer skills from the beginner level to the advanced level will make certain your work place is operating at peak efficiency and security. The Return On Investment in technology education is an easy positive.

Key Skills and Software

Microsoft Office 365 TelecommutingSecurity
In addition to your line of business programs, Office 365 is the centerpiece of organized technology. Many people don’t realize that the Office suite us just the icing the Office 365 cake. Office 365 provides the most reliable email “post office” available and it contains a complete, ready to go fully featured intranet that is customizable to your company. This makes working from home even easier. The included full Microsoft office suite has enough software to organize any company, and using these programs to their highest potential can give you a great competitive advantage. There are many advantages to Office 365 we would love to discuss with you.Telecommuting is becoming increasingly popular with both employees and employers. As an example of why it’s so popular, consider Washington DC traffic! Your employees show up for work already tired and mentally stressed which has a very measurable effect on their productivity.
What purpose does Telecommuting training provide? Your leaders must know the new ways of managing employees who work from home. It is quite different than managing employees in the office.
Employees must learn new boundaries and new expectations for a Telecommuting program to work properly.
Today every company is a target of cyber-criminals. Phishing, which uses false information to manipulate employees into giving out passwords and other company information, is the largest threat that cannot be automated or programmed to rebuff. It is behavior-based. Employees must be able to recognize and react to phishing emails and other forms of phishing. General security while using web browsers and other email threats must also be addressed to reduce the chance of your business becoming a victim to cyber-criminals. Security is often the least taught but most important precaution for all staff members.
Microsoft OutlookMicrosoft ExcelMicrosoft Word
Outlook is the core communications program of any office. Organizing, Sharing and utilizing Email, Calendars, Task reminders, and key Contacts is essential for both internal and external communication. Without any doubt, Excel is the most popular spreadsheet data entry program. It has incredible functionality such as macro-functions for expert forms. Furthermore, with advanced capabilities employees can directly visualize important company data, build easy-to-use schedules, and create insightful reports. Like all Microsoft office programs, Word evolves with each new version of the Office suite. New functions bring more capabilities, and teaching employees how to use the new version of Word to its full potential is a powerful plan to increase efficiency of your day to day operations.

Out-of-Date Computer Skills Are Costly to Businesses

Staying competitive in any industry requires a workforce that can quickly adapt to new technological innovations to gain an advantage on your competitors. If employees cannot utilize the full capabilities of the software provided to them, it reduces the efficiency and raises the costs of  their production for all levels of the company.

Companies often buy more costly software solutions to help improve losses rather than addressing the real problem which is a lack of proper staff training with existing software.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Proactively training employees with essential and advanced skills is quick and inexpensive compared to revenue losses from a lack of training.

Here is how Computer Pros Today Helps Company Employees with Computer Skills

We offer two methods to deliver our teaching program. Either a live presentation for a group or by an online classroom.

By using layman’s terms which stick to memory and re-enforcing skills with real life examples, we believe our method of teaching is most effective.

Learn how a cost-effective educational partnership with Computer Pros Today can help you achieve an effective and long-lasting investment in your staff. Request a no-strings attached meeting to learn about our employee technology training solutions. We keep these meetings as short and concise as possible because we respect your time.


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