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How Remote Computer Services Work

How Remote Computer Services Work

This is a graphic of two computers connected over the internet for a remote PC repair

Remote Computer Support starts with Your Approval

and a Safe, Trustworthy partner.

Since you’re calling us, you already know who is on the other end: A fully-insured, Virginia-licensed company that’s been in business since 2006.
Our certified technicians are fully-vetted. Here you can learn more about us.

Our Advantage: Clear, Easy to Understand Communication

We offer American-based Remote Computer Services, and with that, you get the benefit of a quicker and more accurate service without any translation errors or trust concerns.

Image of American flag in shape of United States concept of American-based remote support

Our computer technicians are local, not outsourced.



You don’t need to leave your home or office to get your computer fixed. Watch while our technician works on your PC.


Remote repair services are the most cost-effective way to fix or maintain your computer.


You can get your computer fixed on the same day or next day, rather than waiting days or weeks for an appointment.


Remote connection software is designed to ensure that your computer and data are safe and secure throughout the repair process. The private connection created by the remote program creates a military-grade encrypted “tunnel”. This connection is strongly secured from any intrusion or tampering. Here is a great article that explains more about the meaning of a secure connection.
When the computer repair is finished, our technician will end the session which stops the connection. You can also do this at any time.

A Safe and Secure way to fix your computer

Need Part Replacement or Upgrades? Ship Your Computer to Us!


Shipping service is very easy and convenient for any kind of computer. This is perfect for computers that won’t start or need new parts installed. Call us for more information. 540-972-8881

What are the limitations to Remote Computer Support?

We can do almost everything remotely, but of course we can’t replace or upgrade parts over the internet.  Typical replacement parts include power supplies, hard drives and other parts. Upgrades include Solid State Drives, Memory and Video Cards. While we have helped a few clients do this on their own using pics they took with their cellphone; we know that isn’t something everyone can do and because of that we offer a shipping service. Turn-around time is quick and it’s easy to ship.

Why we no longer offer Onsite computer services

We no longer offer onsite computer services because remote technology makes the delivery of our services significantly less expensive. You still get help directly from us. Technology has changed and we are able to resolve all but a few problems remotely. You might be amazed at what we can do for you remotely. If you’re uncertain that we can help you remotely, call us and find out. 540-972-8881

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