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Computer Maintenance

Computer Maintenance

This graphic shows a gear turning seamlessly concept of computer maintenance making computer run smoothly

A Computer Tune-up is necessary maintenance and it is one of the most popular remote PC support services at Computer Pros Today.

Why is your computer slowing down? Using the computer will naturally cause a build-up of junk files and corrupted system files over time.

An optimization by a certified technician is the best way to speed up your slow computer. In addition to more technical work, we remove your junk programs, optimize your start up items and clean out unneeded files on your hard drive.

Remote Computer Maintenance Routine

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  • 53 Point Maintenance Routine
  • Computer Optimization
  • PC Cleaning
  • Disk Cleanup
  • System Cleanup
  • Registry Cleaning
  • Malware Removal
  • Anti-virus Software Adjustment
  • Windows Updates
  • Driver Updates

Why does my PC need regular maintenance?


Just like a car needs regular maintenance, your computer needs regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. We recommend monthly maintenance for business computers and bi-annual or annual tune-ups for home PCs. Computer maintenance identifies and corrects several issues that slow down your computer. These maintenance items ensure that your computer is functioning like it’s meant to with improved speed and efficiency.


Getting a computer optimization identifies and corrects several issues that slow down your computer. Sometimes the problem is hardware-related. If we discover your hard drive is failing, we might be able to rescue your data before it can’t be recovered. Other times we discovered failing controllers on the motherboard, unreliable or damaged power supplies, and memory that is failing. Regular maintenance ensures that your computer is functioning like it’s meant to with improved speed and efficiency.


Computer Optimization is needed when you have to wait for a slow computer to churn through a simple task. This delay is a frustrating test of patience. Tired, old PCs often slow down but even new PCs can eventually run slowly. In many cases, we have discovered the problem is  viruses, Trojans, worms, pop-ups or other types of nasty malware. Call Computer Pros Today for relief. We can speed up your PC to better than new and make sure there is no risk of intrusion. We love to fix computers! Call us today 540-972-8881


It’s frustrating when you need to complete a quick task and your computer freezes. Over time it is not uncommon for computer system drivers and Mac or Windows system files to become corrupted. Call Computer Pros Today. Our regular maintenance routines can keep your PC reliable and ready to go! Call us today 540-972-8881




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Remote Computer Maintenance

We offer remote computer support services throughout Virginia. Our computer services such as virus removal and speeding up slow computers are available by online remote connection services. Mail-in services when your computer won’t start or can’t get online, or if you want an upgrade, such as an SSD (Solid State Drive) or more memory.

We fix all computers! We make computer repair convenient by offering expert remote computer maintenance services.

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