This graphic shows a phone screen that says scammer calling

Remote Access Scams

Remote Access Scams are becoming more common. Does this sound familiar?

“Hello, we are calling from Microsoft because your Windows computer needs an update. We are calling to fix it for you.” 

It’s a remote access scam.

The callers often claim to be from well-known tech companies, departments of the government, the company you work for or even pose as an agent for a relative.

Remote Access software is used legitimately by millions of IT professionals worldwide, to remotely connect to their clients’ devices to help with technical issues. However, scammers misuse Remote Access software to commit crimes.

The scammer’s goals may be:

  • Moving money from your accounts to theirs.
  • Installing ransomware on your computer.
  • Gathering information from your computer.

Why do scams persist? Scammers never go away because there is so much profit to be had. In fact, to this day, tech support scams are a multi-million-dollar industry.