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Network Assessment of your IT Systems

A professional Network Assessment of your IT systems is how you can uncover the truth about the efficiency, health and security of your IT systems. First, let’s consider some common questions:

  • Do you feel like you might not be properly protected from cyber-threats? We ask you because most business are not secured against cyber-threats, even though they believe they are safe.
  • Is your Data Backup actually backing up? It might be failing because it is very common for backups to be found incomplete or that they had halted entirely without any notice. 
  • Is your network running slow and causing problems? A slow network, or a network that doesn’t allow your employees to connect, is like throwing away money.
  • Were you previously given advice, but you are uncertain if it is complete and correct? Do you want a second opinion?

It’s always better to know and take pro-active measures to protect your company and save money. Relax, we can help!

We would love to offer you a free Network Assessment. We will point out  security weaknesses and provide you with some advice for improvements. Please Call us or fill out the form.

Here is a list of what our free consultation includes:

  • Examining the condition of your Server or Cloud Server, Firewall and other Network Equipment
  • Looking for unguarded entry points that could allow cyber criminals to enter and harm your network
  • Diagnosing Network Problems such as slowness or downtime
  • Verifying your Data Backups are configured properly, working properly and are recoverable
  • Uncovering developing problems that could turn into big and costly issues down the road
  • Answering any questions you may have about your network including performance, reliability and security
  • A report for you to keep
  • Peace of mind

Sign up a FREE network assessment and discover how to keep your network efficient, healthy and secure!


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