This is a graphic of two computers connected over the internet for a remote PC repair

How Remote Computer Repair Works

It’s very easy to setup. Simply put, remote computer repair works by installing a small program on your computer which allows the creation of a secure “tunnel” through the internet from our computer to yours. Once that secure “tunnel” is established, our technician can remotely access your computer and make repairs.

Sometimes this type of help is referred to as Online Computer Repair, Remote Computer Support or Remote Tech Support. All of these are the same thing.

A Safe and Secure way to fix your computer

It starts with your approval and a safe, trustworthy partner.
Since you are calling us, you know who is on the other end. A fully-insured, Virginia-licensed company that’s been in business since 2006.
Our technicians are fully-vetted. Here you can learn more about us.

A Safe and Secure Connection.
The private connection created by the remote program creates a strong military-grade encrypted “tunnel”. This connection is strongly secured from any intrusion or tampering. Here is a great article that explains more about the meaning of a secure connection.
When the computer repair is finished, our technician will end the session which stops the connection. You can also do this at any time.

Proven Technology.

There’s nothing new about a secure connection. This has been around a long time and is used by all major corporations and all departments of the US government. It works and it works well!

Remote Computer Repair may be the safest way to repair your computer.

Because you can sit back and watch what our technician does, there is nothing done out of your view. Your computer isn’t carried behind a wall to be worked on a by an unseen person.