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Certified Refurbished Computers

This picture shows several Dell PowerEdge servers

We sell both Dell New and Dell Certified Refurbished Business Computers, Laptops and Servers. These are Dell OptiPlex desktop computers, Dell Latitude laptops and Dell PowerEdge servers.
Certified Refurbished computers are new, not previously used or leased computers.

How do New Retail Computers become Certified Refurbished?

  1. Changed orders or Overstock:
    The buyer decided to change something about the order prior to or after shipment. These are usually fully stacked and wrapped pallets with new computers for government, schools or large businesses- big clients manufacturers don’t want to lose. These are new and not actually refurbished but they can’t be sold as new.
  2. Old Stock:
    These seem to be pulled during the transition period between model changes. These are new, not actually refurbished but they can’t be sold as new.
  3. Factory Refurbished:
    A  component in the computer failed the Dell manufacturing quality control test and was replaced by Dell. From what we’ve heard, it’s usually just the hard disk drive that was replaced with another new one and then retested for quality control which they must pass. These are new computers.
  4. Dent or Scratch:
    These computers have a cosmetic scratch or small dent that occurred during the manufacturing process. These are new.

Benefits for your business:


These new Dell business-grade computers are sold at a lower price than retail. We pass those savings along to you.

These computers come with the manufacturer’s warranty for the full length of the term, beginning when it is purchased.

FAQs   Certified Refurbished vs. Retail

  • We do not resell open box (opened and returned) computers, laptops or servers.
  • Have the SAME computing power (configuration) as compared to new retail computers.
  • Certified Refurbished computers do NOT have performance issues. They have the same brand new quality of hardware used in them as retail computers.
  • New, never used or off-lease.
  • Have the exact same Dell Warranty as the new retail computers.
  • Are NOT more prone to repairs and maintenance issues than new retail computers.
  • Last just as long, or possibly longer, as new retail PCs.
  • Are less likely to need to be returned or fixed under the warranty.
  • Business-grade computers that were meant for schools or libraries and not-for-profit organizations, are perfectly capable of being used for business.  It makes no difference. We only order Dell business-grade computers with Windows 10 Professional.


The availability of these business computers is random, therefore we can’t promise a certain model or features.  It depends on what is available at the time of purchase, but we can usually get what you want.


Delivery usually takes a week, sometimes a day or two longer or shorter. As soon as we receive the computer we inspect it, upgrade it if agreed upon, deliver it and set it up.


Basic delivery, unboxing, inspection and setup of the business computer with power, keyboard, mouse, and connection to internet included. Transfer of data, software installation, network attachment, passwords, email, printers and other items are not included in the price.