3 problems your ink jet printer has *and how to fix them!

Photo of a wireless printer concept is that there are printer problems

3 problems your ink jet printer has *and how to fix them!

So they you are, working diligently on your project, crossing your Ts and dotting your i’s and now it’s time to print it all out. You click print and .. nothing. Or, maybe it does try to print but there are other problems. Printer malfunctions can be frustrating and they are always unexpected. Printers are by far the fiddliest of computer accessories, but they are still a necessity for everyday business.

Here are the symptoms of common printer problems and some helpful tips:

Printing misalignments, paper jams and paper tears

Let’s set some expectations first. Printers are mechanical, they wear out and the electronics can overheat. They do fail. It’s a matter of when, not if.  Mechanical issues usually involve handling the paper as it moves through rollers inside the machine. Larger, business-grade laser printers require ongoing maintenance which includes replacing rollers and other wear items.
Unfortunately, ink jet printers and smaller home-use laser printers are very unlikely to have maintenance or repair parts. These types of printers are considered disposable.
Before we jump to conclusions, let’s first make sure your paper thickness is correct for your printer model. You will need to check the owner’s manual. If the thickness is not within specified boundaries, replace the paper with the appropriate size. Also check that the paper tray is fully-loaded, but not over-loaded.

Printer is not printing

This problem is one of the most common printer troubleshooting issues and it can be difficult to diagnose the cause of the problem, especially if you had no trouble using it recently. If you have already checked for error messages, the ink cartridges are full and you put paper in the printer, then it is most likely that there is a connection problem.

   If the components of the printer cannot connect to your PC, it won’t be able to collect and spool up the data that you are trying to print. Failed connections usually occur with a wireless setup. This problem often happens when a wireless router is replaced or reset.

Another common cause for the printer to not print are Windows updates. Windows updates have been known to cause printers to become extinct. This can usually be resolved by changing drivers but the repair process can be tedious.

One last consideration is which printer you chose to print from. Every time you print you have an option box to choose a different printer than the default printer. Sometimes the default printer seems to change on its own and this is easy to overlook. Windows considers several things to be printers and it may even try to print to a printer you no longer own.

Blurry printing or missing color

Blurry images or text are also common on ink jet printers and usually the result of an empty or worn-out cartridge. Using a new cartridge usually clears up the problem.
Note:  We don’t recommend re-filling and re-using ink cartridges because the print head is built into the ink cartridge and it could have wear or other problems. This is not the case for laser printer toner refills.
It may be worth your time to consider a new refillable ink printer, such as the Epson Eco-Tank printers. These printers have ink tanks that can be refilled. These operate differently than the ink cartridge.

There are many printer technical problems that you might encounter. The ones listed above are the most basic issues that most printer owners will run into at some point. Some of the printer problems mentioned above can be handled by yourself, but for more advanced issues, you need to leave it to an expert. If you want the fastest and most reliable printer repair, call the experts at Computer Pros Today. 540-972-8881