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I.T. Consulting for Northern Virginia

When working with an IT consultant in Northern Virginia, it is important to know whether or not they have experience with a business like yours. Computer Pros Today has been working with a wide variety companies for fourteen years helping to ensure they choose the best I.T. Solutions for their company.

Computer Pros Today is your go-to I.T. Consulting company in the Northern Virginia  area. Not only do we have highly trained staff, but we also have the professional tools and deep experience to help your company succeed into the future with the best, most cost-effective technology recommendations available. We work hard behind the scenes to ensure you can have effective, meaningful 24X7 security protection and support for all of your computers and servers.

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CyberSecurity for Northern Virginia

Structured Technology Services, the parent company of Computer Pros Today, is a leading managed security service provider (MSSP) that specializes in mitigating advanced threats on your network. We provide security solutions such as incident response, intrusion detection and penetration testing to ensure compliance with regulatory mandates and industry standards.

Cybersecurity requires focused, day-to-day management and real-time monitoring. With today’s typical IT staff fully engaged in meeting core business needs, that kind of diligence a tall order.

Let Structured Technology Services handle the burden of security monitoring. We are security experts that provide ground-up, hardware and software security solution designs and installation custom-fitted to your unique network. Our engineered, structured security solutions are robust and unwavering.

Ever evolving threats of information security breaches demand smarter and more responsive managed security services. Structured Technology Services offers industry-leading technology and expertise to help secure your information and assets around the clock, often at a fraction of the cost of in-house security resources.

Structured Technology Services, the parent company of Computer Pros Today, want to meet with you to evaluate your organization’s current security posture and identify security service needs to meet your cyber security management goals. Call for a free assessment. 540-972-8881

Business Continuity Planning and Implementation

Business continuity planning is a proactive process involved in creating a system of prevention and fastest possible recovery from potential threats to your  company. The continuity plan ensures that personnel and assets are protected and are able to return to function quickly in the event of a disaster.

Business continuity planning involves defining all risks that can affect the company’s operations, making it the centerpiece of the organization’s risk management strategy. Risks are Computer and Network hardware Failure, Natural Disasters and Human inflicted problems. Flood, Fire, Hurricane, Cyber-Attacks, Employee Sabotage,  Ransomware and other Network Intrusion events.

Computer Pros Today will help you with I.T. portion of your Business Continuity planning. We will identify risks and offer cost-effective solutions to reduce the risks and recover quickly.  Call us to set up an appointment 540-972-8881

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Advanced Managed I.T. Solutions for Northern Virginia

Our Advanced Managed IT Solution is a Custom Service System for your business.

Our approach to Technology Services begins with an indepth understanding of your business goals, compliance requirements and current level of technology engagement.

Based on what makes your business profitable, we assemble a cost-effective service solution package to your unique needs. The goal is to create a complete Managed IT Solution that takes the daily IT burdens from you and run them in our Virtual IT department and via onsite assistance.

Our Advanced Managed IT Solution pulls from our large range of services to create the perfect mix that ensures your company achieves its goals.

HIPAA Compliance for Northern Virginia

The HIPAA IT compliance needs of businesses vary widely. For some businesses, HIPAA IT compliance issues are, unfortunately, often thought of as informal and executed with a hodge-podge of a few personnel policies and maybe an un-managed firewall.

HIPAA Compliance needs to be recognized as a serious liability risk if not enacted properly. HIPAA Compliance need not be difficult with the help of Computer Pros Today. We have spent significant time consulting, designing and installing cost-effective HIPAA compliant systems, when needed.

Are you assured of your regulatory compliance?
Call us for a free HIPAA compliance consultation. 540-972-8881

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I.T. Network Design for Northern Virginia

Network design and architecture are too often under-valued and under-planned aspects of the business-critical IT environment. Your network is the backbone of your IT system. Companies too often design their network to fit their current business operations using whatever hardware they have on hand or believe are appropriate. As their business grows and technology requirements expand, the under-planned network can’t scale up to support the demand. 

Computer Pros Today uses industry best practices to assess, design and implement your new professional network. Our network architecture is designed to support your business well into the future through cost-effective best-of-breed tools that are flexible, reliable, and scalable.

Call us for a free consultation. 540-972-8881

Infrastructure Installation / Cabling for Northern Virginia

Business owners and even IT Administrators have certain jobs they just don’t want to do or don’t have time to do. In some cases, they may not have the skills necessary. These include:

Data and Voice Cabling, Network Rack installations, component installations,  Rack cleanups, Moving IT equipment, Organizing and Labeling cables and other laborius time consuming necessities.

Computer Pros Today specializes in staff augmentation to relieve this burden. call us for a free consultation.

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Office 365 and Cloud Solutions for Northern Virginia

We focus on delivering crucial cloud services to help ensure your business can reliably communicate, connect, download, upload, and transfer — wherever your network may be. Our standards are very high. We match the highest level of technology to the people of the same caliber.

Office 365 delivers powerful productivity and collaboration tools without compromising user experience or data security. Combined with cloud support from Computer Pros Today, this one tool gives your team the flexibility you need to do more in less time.

Computer Pros Today is an Office 365 partner with Microsoft. We install, migrate and support all components of Office 365.

Call us for a free consultation 540-972-8881

Technology Support for Northern Virginia

Whatever kind of tech support your business needs, Computer Pros Today can deliver!

Malware Removal, Lost Passwords, Upgrades, Questions about Windows, Line of Business applications, QuickBooks, Microsoft Office applications, and everything else. You name it, we’ve probably done it.

We offer both remote and onsite service for Northern Virginia.

What can we do for you?  Please call us 540-972-8881

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Computer, Network and Cybersecurity Services

Computer Pros Today offers affordable online remote and onsite computer repair and computer support services in Northern Virginia, from D.C. to Fredericksburg. Our computer services such as virus removal and speeding up slow computers are available by online remote connection services. Onsite repairs are available when your computer won’t start or cant get online, or if you want an upgrade to an SSD (Solid State Drive) or more memory.

Trusted I.T. Services since 2006

Computer Pros Today is an accredited business rated A+ by the better business bureau

Business I.T. Systems

Computer Pros Today specializes in secure Business IT (Information Technology) systems. Our consultants can help you design, or upgrade to, a cost-effective business IT network system.   We install secure data and voice networks from the cabling to the servers to the phones and computers.  Additionally, we configure servers, cloud services, like Office 365, business- grade wireless networks and cyber-security. But that’s not all, Computer Pros Today can also monitor and manage your entire network for a fraction of the cost of an IT department.

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Some of our services

  • Computer Repair

    We can help! We service all brands of computers, laptops and servers.

  • Virus Removal

    Let us help you take back control of your computer! We utilize professional tools to remove computer malware of all kinds.

  • Wireless Network Support

    We sell and install effective Wireless Networks and we also troubleshoot slow data speeds, dead spots, or Wi-Fi that’s AWOL.

  • Laptop Repair

    We fix all brands of Laptops and Notebooks.  We have made countless repairs over the years and we can repair yours too!

  • Server Installation and Support

    Computer Pros Today can help keep your business server working reliably with our server installation and maintenance services.

  • Data Recovery

    We offer comprehensive data recovery services for anyone who has lost pictures, documents, videos, music or any other type of data.

  • Computer Upgrades

    Are you ready to make your computer perform better than new?!!! We professionally match and install upgrades.

We make it convenient for you and your business by offering Online Remote Computer Services and Onsite Computer Repair and Upgrade Services in the Northern Virginia I-95 corridor from  DC to Fredericksburg