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  • Computer Repair

    We fix all brands of Laptops, Desktops and Servers. Aside from obvious repair needs, here are some issues indicating your computer may need repair:

    • The computer won’t turn on
    • No power, no lights
    • Blank screen
    • Windows doesn’t run
    • Repetitive beep sound on startup
    • Laptop turns on and off repeatedly.
    • Laptop keyboard keys don’t work
    • Laptop feels hot
    • Downloads take forever
    • Long delays accessing files
    • Fans are loud or fans run too often
    • Laptop screen is cracked or broken
    • Laptop hinges are too loose
    • Laptop DC Jack is broken
    • Dim or no picture on the screen
    • Laptop battery doesn’t charge properly
    • Sudden shut off or sudden anything unusual
    • Image on your computer screen is jumbled
    • Unusual noises
    • Burning smell from the computer
    • Corrupt files
    • Computer has random problems
    • Wireless connection problems
    • No internet
    • No sound
    • USB ports don’t work
    • A blue screen saying “Your PC ran into a problem”
    • Black Screen
    • Liquid Spill

    Maybe some other company told you they couldn’t fix it. Get a second opinion. We can help! We service all brands of computers, laptops and servers. We have made countless repairs over the years and we can repair yours too! Some of these issues can be resolved without replacing hardware. Our professional diagnostics can save money and time. Click for more information or call us now at 540-972-8881.

  • Virus Removal

    Here are some computer virus symptoms to watch out for:

    • Unexpected Pop-up windows
    • Slow performance
    • Sluggish Web browser
    • Your home page changes or is being redirected to unusual websites
    • Your friends are receiving emails from you -that you didn’t send
    • Programs open and close on their own
    • System freezes or locks-up or it may shut down for no reason
    • Odd error messages
    • Anti-virus or firewall disabled
    • Internet connection is very active even when you’re not using it

    Let us help you take back control of your computer! We utilize professional tools to remove computer malware of all kinds including viruses, Ransomware, worms, Trojans, rootkits, bots, spyware, adware, bugs, crimeware, and other malicious and unwanted software.
    *Some of these symptoms could also indicate a hardware problem. Call us for a proper diagnostic. 540-972-8881

  • Wireless Network Support

    We sell and install Wireless Network systems that actually work! We also troubleshoot wireless network systems with slow data speeds, dead spots, or Wi-Fi that’s AWOL.

    Here are some common frustrating wireless network problems that we fix:

    • You have to keep turning the wireless router on and off
    • The wireless is so slow you can’t get any work done
    • You have Wi-Fi dead spots in your home or business
    • The Wi-Fi connection randomly disconnects
    • The wireless is too slow to use for gaming
    • You are locked out of the wireless router
    • No Wi-Fi signal where you need it
    • No internet connection
    • Comcast, Cox or Verizon say it’s not their fault
    • You can’t connect using your new laptop which has the  fastest 802.11 AC speeds
    • Your phones and Tablets cannot connect

    A professional Wireless Network installation starts with measurements, good equipment, the correct setup for longer life, best signal strength and testing to verify the connection is what you want it to be.
    We build turn-key Wi-Fi systems that meet every need.
    Would you like your wireless network to have a five bar connection in any or every room of the house? We can do that!

    Call us 540-972-8881

  • Laptop Repair

    We fix all brands of Laptops and Notebooks. Aside from obvious repair needs, here are some issues indicating your Laptop may need repair:

    • Laptop screen is cracked or broken
    • Laptop hinges are too loose
    • Laptop battery doesn’t charge properly
    • The laptop won’t turn on
    • Laptop keyboard keys don’t work
    • Laptop keyboard keys are missing
    • Laptop DC Jack is broken
    • Laptop turns on and off repeatedly
    • Laptop feels hot
    • Power adapter might not work
    • Fan is loud or fan runs constantly
    • Liquid Spill into laptop
    • Dim or Blank picture on the screen
    • Image on your laptop screen is jumbled
    • Repetitive beep sound on startup
    • Runs Slow
    • Sudden shut off
    • Burning smell from the computer
    • Unusual noises
    • Random problems
    • No sound
    • USB ports don’t work

    Some examples of the brands and models of laptops we fix include:

    • Alienware
    • Acer Aspire
    • Acer Nitro
    • Acer TravelMate
    • ASUS (all)
    • Apple MacBook
    • Apple Macbook Pro
    • CyberPowerPC
    • Dell Inspiron
    • Dell Vostro
    • Dell Latitude
    • Dell XPS
    • Dell G series
    • HP Pavilion
    • HP ProBook
    • HP EliteBook
    • Lenovo ThinkPad
    • Lenovo ideapad
    • Lenovo Yoga
    • Microsoft Surface
    • MSI (all)
    • Razer (all)
    • Samsung (all)
    • Toshiba Portege
    • Toshiba Satellite
    • Toshiba Tecra

    Maybe some other company told you they couldn’t fix it. Get a second opinion. We can help! We service all brands of computers, laptops and servers. We have made countless repairs over the years and we can repair yours too! Some of these issues can be resolved without replacing hardware.

    Our professional diagnostics can save money and time. Click for more information or call us now at 540-972-8881.

  • Server Installation and Support

    A properly built and well-maintained server is a reliable server.

    Small business owners know the painful and potentially costly expenses that can happen when the server crashes. Your server is the heart of your business enterprise that keeps all the shared software, data and computers connected and running seamlessly.

    A well-planned network and server system will allow your business to grow without large changes to your IT infrastructure in the future. A well-designed and built server will run 24/7 without complaints. Every business is unique and every server must be tailored to that business.  Computer Pros Today can you help you make these critical decisions in a cost-effective manner.

    All servers require maintenance. Left unmaintained, servers are susceptible to viruses and ransomware, and are more likely to overheat. Unmaintained servers can crash, causing data loss and extensive damage that can waste employee productivity and cause a potential loss of customers. Additionally, your business could be held liable and/or fined for any data stolen and revealed.

    An expensive full-time IT department doesn’t fit into most small business plans. Attending to the needs of server and computer system repairs and maintenance can be a challenge. On again off-again computer repair can be expensive and wait times for server repairs can add to the frustration and loss of a non-functioning office.

    You will need to be able to rely on your server and the technicians working on your server in order to help your business grow. Computer Pros Today is available to assist your business with its server issues 24/7. Our experienced and qualified techs are ready to help. They will work with you to ensure all of your concerns are addressed.

    Let Computer Pros Today take responsibility of these risks so you can get back to doing what you do best. Our Virtual IT Department services offer all of the benefits of having your own IT staff, without the expensive payroll!  We offer a personal, tailored plan that other major service providers tend to avoid. We are able to provide the same day, next day support you need at an affordable cost.

    We are only a phone call away and we can help!

    • Consulting
    • Security/Data protection
    • Software support
    • Systems maintenance
    • Windows upgrades
    • Data backup
    • And much more

    If your business has grown, or your needs have changed, and you need to discuss how to handle this in regards to your server, network or computers, we are here to be your partner in success.

    Computer Pros Today is committed to providing the best value and our consultants and technicians are experienced in client-server networks. They are able to guide you through the process of purchasing or upgrading your small business servers. We have experience with many types of server solutions based on Dell, HP, Lenovo and others. Your servers are an important investment in your company’s future, let the professional technicians at Computer Pros Today share their knowledge and expertise with you. We sell, build and support:

    • Dell PowerEdge servers
    • HP ProLiant servers
    • Lenovo ThinkServers
    • Fujitsu Primergy servers
    • SuperMicro SuperServers
    • Intel Server Systems
    • Apple Mac Servers

    Your company might not be able to afford the consequences of not having the proper equipment in place. Computer Pros Today can help keep your business’s heart “healthy” with our server installation and maintenance services. We can help you set up a reliable network to keep your business running. In addition, we also offer helpful tips and advice to keep your system secure and free from malware or overheating issues that plague so many companies. Business server installation is just one of the many computer maintenance services Computer Pros Today provides. Call us for convenient on-site, safe and trustworthy small business server solutions.

  • Microsoft Windows Problems

    We can make Windows work for you.

    Here are some common Windows problems we fix:

    • Printer Troubles
    • Blue screen says “your computer ran into a problem”
    • Cannot access the Internet
    • Lots of programs and apps stopped working including some Google products.
    • WiFi doesn’t work
    • It keeps restarting
    • Windows freezes and won’t do anything
    • Windows says it does not have a valid license
    • Bluetooth or Airplane Mode does not work.
    • Can’t play DVDs or CDs
    • A USB or network device doesn’t show up in Windows
    • Windows updates messed up your computer
    • Parts of Windows look different
    • Files open in the wrong apps
    • Menus are missing
    • Slow boot times
    • You have a lot less free storage than before
    • The text looks blurry
    • A warning dialog says “there is a problem with this website’s security certificate”
    • Windows won’t shut down all the way
    • Unable to add new users to Windows
    • Windows updates isn’t working
    • Black screen
    • Can’t upgrade to Windows 10
    • Cortana doesn’t work
    • Can no longer find apps you need to use
    • You’re concerned about the privacy and security of your data
    • and many other issues not listed here!
  • Data Recovery

    Welcome to Computer Pros Data Recovery. If you’ve lost data, we can help!

    We offer comprehensive data recovery services for anyone who has lost pictures, documents, videos, music or any other type of data. Our customers are small businesses, home users, students and non-profits.
    We can recover data from Hard Disk Drives, Solid State Drives, RAID arrays, USB thumb drives, external drives and many more devices.

    If you can’t get to your data, continued use of your computer might risk making your data unrecoverable. For this reason, we urge you to contact our data recovery specialists as quickly as possible. Please don’t hesitate to call one of our data recovery experts at 540-972-8881.

    Learn more about our Data Recovery here.

  • Computer Upgrades

    Ready to make your computer perform better than new?

    Selecting the correct upgrade parts for your computer can be daunting. There are many different types of standards and connectors used. Getting the wrong part can be expensive and time consuming.

    Our customers always want more power, faster response times and smoother running computers.

    We guarantee our work for two years!
    If for any reason the part(s) purchased from and installed by us fail, we will replace the part at no cost to you.
    Most our parts carry a 2 year manufacturer warranty. Many parts have 3 year, 5 year and even lifetime warranties.

    Quality upgrade parts last longer and provide a better experience for our customers.

    We use quality parts manufactured by top electronics companies such as Samsung, Seasonic, Micron, EVGA, Kingston, Klipsch, ASUS, Toshiba, Intel, NMB and many others.

    Call us for professional upgrades! 540-972-8881

  • Laser Printer Maintenance and Repair

    Is it time to perform maintenance on your laser printer? Did you get an alert?
    Laser printers have a preset maintenance interval, which occurs after a set amount of pages are printed. The maintenance interval tells the owner that it’s time to be serviced so that the parts within the printer do not get overused.

    Is paper getting jammed in your printer?

    Are the prints looking worse?

    We offer deployment, diagnostics, installations, troubleshooting and maintenance for most laser printers including HP.

    Please pay attention to the maintenance intervals for your printer. Ignoring the alerts can potentially cause serious wear problems to your printer. Maintaining the parts inside your printer avoids permanent damage and the need for complete printer replacement.

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Few things are worse than having your technology come to a standstill. In most cases, we are available to provide computer repair and network support service on the same day.

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Few things are worse than having your technology come to a standstill. We are available to provide computer and network repair service on the same day.


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